Security Personnel

Warehouse & Factory Security

We minimize theft and pilferage in all kinds of warehouse environments

Large open and closed spaces in the warehouses and factories pose a challenge for the floor managers and floor supervisors to keep an eye on every activity. The layout of the factories and warehouses designed for getting the materials inside and taking them out in the quickest possible way poses a major security threat to the materials stored or manufactured. Gadgets worth millions of dollars are also stored at these huge premises which make them prime target for the vandalism, loot and theft.

Altavon Security offers an integrated solution of technology and manned services to minimize the security risks and respond to the potential security threats. The highly skilled security officers and consultants at our agency are trained in the efficient management of large facilities having continuous movement of materials and people.

The factory and warehouse security services offered by Altavon include:


Gatehouse and reception management
Warehousing and car parking management
Surveillance CCTV camera system monitoring
Alarm monitoring
Controlling access
Security Patrols
Emergency management
Storage area management

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