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We help you develop resilience to business risks

Even after the 9-11 attack, many businesses do not practice what they intend to do during emergency. Although there is no way that the disasters can be avoided, taking precautions can help protect people, property and place. Altavon Security offers integrated and cost effective risk management techniques to ensure safe and secure environment for organizations and companies across Toronto. The extensive experience and security knowledge of our consultants provide them with a deep insight of the risks and the challenges faced by our clients. At Altavon, we have a set of risk assessment techniques tailored to meet the needs of specific industry and sector. All our risk assessment tools comprise of four basic steps: Identifying the potential risks to an organization, evaluating the causes of the risks, predicting the consequences and deciding on the security management techniques best suited to the situation.

Altavon has highly trained and knowledgeable security officers having extensive experience of conducting risk assessments in small and large corporate firms across Toronto. They help clients make informed decisions about their organizations by providing enough information through investigation and analysis of the existing and future risks.

The principles of Security Risk Management followed by Altavon include:

Understanding the threat environment of an organization

Assessment of the risk to people, property and information

Determination of the impact of threats on the organization

Analysis of the efficacy and adequacy of the existing risk assessment and risk management systems

Establishment of a risk management framework specific to the organization

Development of a positive risk culture

Regularly reviewing and improving the management of risks

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