Security Personnel

Security Personnel

Proactive, reliable and responsible security officers

For any security program to be successful, having right security personnel is indispensable. Security requirements of each environment is unique and needs professionals with a specific set of security knowledge, skills, attitude and attribute. Altavon Security carefully recruits its security officers investing significant amount of resources and then provides the best-in-class training for them, required for working in various industries. Our security officers carry extensive experience of serving several sectors across Toronto including condominiums, residential high rises, hospitals, shopping malls, schools and colleges, universities, public libraries, movie theatres, factories and warehouses, commercial buildings, construction sites and airports. Altavon also offers Guard Tour System to help companies and organizations organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets ensuring that the officers accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals.

All the security guards at Altavon have a valid licence or guard card and are well groomed and always on time. We provide them with ongoing training to ensure that their skills are updated and they are prepared to deal with any kind of situation across all industries.

Services provided by Altavon security officers' team include:

Mobile patrol
Bicycle Patrol
Concierge/ Front desk security
Events management - Special event security (smart serve) certified
Parking enforcement officers (M.L.E.O Certified)
Traffic control
Loss prevention
Key holding
First Aid and CPR
Crowd control
Security law enforcement

Corporate and industrial investigations
Online reporting management
Labor disruption management
Workplace violence control
CCTV camera system monnitoring
Conflict resolution
Trespassing control
Public relations
Executive protection
Remote monitoring
Incident response centre management

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