Security Personnel


Integrated approach to security of shopping malls and lifestyle centers

We at Altavon Security understand the need of the retailers in Toronto to enhance the customers' shopping experience and loyalty towards their stores by providing them with a safe and secure environment to shop. Shop theft is another significantly rising challenge faced by the retailers. Retailers are continuously under pressure due to the rising costs of shrinkage and the need of maximizing profits.

Altavon Security offers quality retail security services that meet and exceed client expectations well within their budget. The major objectives of our retail security program include protection of the lives of the shoppers and the workers, prevention of theft and loss and incidences of violence and crime. Presence of our uniformed security officers provides reassurance to the shoppers and acts as a deterrent to anti-social behaviours. Our security agency provides highly professional and polite retail security officers trained to liaise with police and handle emergencies.

The retail security services offered by Altavon include:


Surveillance CCTV system monitoring
Alarm system monitoring<
Minimizing shop-lifting incidences
Accurate Documentation
Receipt validation
Food courts monitoring
Crowd control
Handling daily open-ups and lock-ups of the outlet
Ensuring code of conduct effectively
Supervision of cleaning staff
Parking area patrol
Risk assessment

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