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Scalable security solutions from individual homes to gated communities

Altavon Security offers a wide range of residential security services including intrusion and fire detection for individual homes, housing developments and condominiums in Toronto. At Altavon, we understand that a safe community is the one that is liveable. With increasing crimes in the society, protection of your home, pets, family, valuable assets and memories from the intruders and emergency incidences has become more important than ever. Homes without a security system are many times more likely to be affected that those that have one.

Altavon Security provides the residences across Toronto with highly-qualified and professional security guards having exceptional security information. Customized residential security solutions provided by the company are meant to address the unique needs of all sorts of residences including individual homes, high-rise apartments, new constructions or older houses.

The major residential security services provided by Altavon Security include:

Entry access control

Parking enforcement

Management of intruders and trespassers

Door lock checks

Ensuring safety of vehicles

Regular Investigation of fire alarms

Risk Management training

Fire safety services

Emergency evacuation

Foot patrols

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