Security Personnel

Labor Dispute & Strike Security

Comprehensive Strike Management services to prepare you for the unexpected

Strikes and labor disputes caused by unionized workforces require additional security operations to be controlled. If not handled properly, such incidents can prove to be disastrous to the employees and their safety and security can become a paramount concern. Altavon Security helps minimize costly disruptions by offering a wide range of pre-strike and strike services. Our team comprises of licensed security personnel, having extensive experience in medium and high risk fields. They are trained in handling special scenarios and have an understanding of the legalities of labor strike.

Strike security services offered by Altavon include:

Executive protection

Transportation security

Prevention of sabotage

Minimizing the damage

Protection of the company and its employees

Countering any sort of criminal behavior during the strike

Ensuring continued operations

Video Surveillance

Pre-strike Services offered by Altavon Include:

Pre-strike contingency planning

Seminars designed for management

On-site security guard training

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