Security Personnel

Honoring Veterans

Getting the country heroes back to the workforce

Altavon Security provides a platform to the military and policing personnel across Canada to get back to the workforce. This is an essential part of our recruiting strategy. We deeply honor the commitment of the veterans towards our country and seek to bring their wide experience and valuable skillset to strengthen Altavon's position in the industry. Veterans possess advanced leadership skillset. An ex-military police or a high-ranking ex-military officer will always be better equipped to handle a situation. They have an extraordinary training of leading and communicating with a team effectively. They require significantly less formal training and are already aware of the private security protocols and procedures.

Hiring veterans helps us maintain stability in the company. Altavon provides them with a wide range of challenging employment opportunities at varied locations including airport, special events and executive protection. Unmatched training and advancement opportunities are provided to the veterans to help them continue their career.

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