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Condominium Security

Condominium Security

A Condominium has unique security needs for residents and visitors. Several areas in a condominium call for special awareness not always required in single family dwellings. It is important to maintain a hassle-free environment and protect the residential buildings against intrusion, vandalism, theft and disturbances.

Altavon Security offers an integrated security program which is a combination of concierge and "security presence" type of service to protect the buildings and safeguard the residents. We have state-of-the-art technology to meet and exceed condominium security requirements at reasonable costs. Our security guards have extensive knowledge of modern security systems for access control, surveillance CCTV equipment management, alarms and the mechanical issues that might arise during their shifts in a condominium building.

The condominium security services provided by Altavon Security include:


Concierge and reception Services
Access control management
Registration of visitors
Parking enforcement
Surveillance CCTV system monitoring
Mobile and foot patrol
Parcel security
Fire safety
Alarm response
Availability of 24/7 on call security manager
Management of party rooms
Handling of noise complaints by the residents

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